Sunday, June 1, 2014

BISERGS Draft - Couples Day

The 2nd round was couples round
It was couples day in the BISERGS draft as Carol and Rodrigo Barrera, Dan and Dawn Rutz and Derek and Rachel Samuelson all came out of the round with shared teams.  The Barreras will be supporting the Netherlands together,  Dawn and Dan will by cheering for Mexico and even though Derek will be away from Portland all summer, he and Rachel will be united every time Uruguay take the field.

There are two other couples of a different kind remaining after the second round.  Brian Markwood and Doug Samuelson both have Argentina and Belgium and Ivan Glenney and his uncle Matt Snyder both share Brazil and Columbia.

The second round saw Argentina, Germany, the USA, Belgium and Portugal removed from the draft board.  The third and fourth round selections will set the true contenders apart from the rest as everyone tries to land two World Cup dark horses with their remaining picks.

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  1. Greg commented on most of my observations on the 2nd round already, so I will only add a few comments. Not just two, but three Rutz family members will be routing for Mexico. Two brothers share Belgium: Doug and Greg. Two other brothers share Germany: Evan and Gray. A mother and daughter share Italy: Sharleen and Emilie. (Carol B.)

    Some players have their first two teams from the same geographical region. Nine people have two European teams so far: Carol Barrera, Rodrigo, Sharleen, Brian Glenney,), Gray Samuelson, Rick Samuelson, Bill Snyder, Evan Samuelson and Max Snyder (if you count Russia as European). Four teams so far are supporting two Latin American teams: Matt Snyder, Emmett Snyder, Rachel Samuelson, Nate Samuelson, Ivan Glenney. Only one person has ended up with two African teams so far: Katelynn Samuelson.