Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Round Two Gets Interesting

Spain is desperate to get a result against Chile as a loss would likely end the defending champions chances.  The Netherlands hope to build on their amazing result against Spain when they take on Australia who are in a must win situation of their own.  Croatia and Cameroon's chances both improved with the 0-0 draw between group A rivals Brazil and Mexico yesterday.  After losing their first matches, both need a win and should be playing a more attacking style.

For the BISERGS, Derek, Renee, Bill, Carol B and Josh could see their first picks eliminated if Spain can't beat the exciting Chileans.  Josh and Renee wouldn't be as heartbroken as the others because Spain's decline would mean Chile, which they also own, is moving on to the next round.  Renee has the busiest day of anyone since she has Cameroon as well.  Matt, Max and Carol Snyder all have two teams playing, along with Sharleen and her mother Carol B.  Rodrigo and Gray look very likely to end the day with the top two BISERGS spots since Holland are heavy favorites against Australia, but Sharleen also has the Dutch and a Chile victory over Spain would most likely move her to the top once again.

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  1. Another very exciting game! The Australians shone. In spite of losing at the end, they had the Dutch very worried, up to the last few minutes of the game. It could have gone either way. There were times when the Australians played in spurts, better than the Dutch. If three of the Guatemalan Barreras hadn't have had the Netherlands, I would have been cheering for the Socceroos.