Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Match Day 6 Preview

By the end of today every team in this year's World Cup will have played at least once.  Belgium is the favorite to win their group and they get started against Algeria.  Russia take on South Korea in the other Group H matchup.  Brazil is also back in action today against Mexico for the lead in group A.  Nate, Dan and Greg all have two teams in action and hope to gain ground on Rodrigo.


  1. Iran-Nigeria 0-0, YAWN. Brazil-Mexico 0-0, a heart stopper! What a tremendously exciting second half, with Mexico playing really well.

    1. I can't wait to se the highlights on this one.

  2. What a tremendous part the goalie Memo Ochoa played today for Mexico vs. Brazil.
    Tremendo actuación de parte del portero Memo Ochoa a favor de Mexico en el partido con Brasil hoy.

  3. whoops- meant to say "tremenda"

  4. When American fans (and many from other countries) win a major sporting event, they often like to celebrate by turning over cars and burning everything in sight. When Japanese teams lose, it turns out that fans commiserate by cleaning the stadium.

    On Saturday, Japan lost its first World Cup match with the Ivory Coast by 2-1. While that could have been a demoralizing start for most sports enthusiasts, a bunch of Japanese fans who attended the event at Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil decided to respond with an unbelievably classy move: cleaning up the stadium. (If you look this up, you can see photos of them with their trash bags, going up and down the rows and picking up trash.)