Monday, June 30, 2014

Playing the Differentials in Day Three of the Knockouts

 The key to BISERGS success is finding value in teams that others ignored.  Costa Rica's unexpected run into the quarterfinals is a major reason that Rodrigo and Rick find themselves in first and second place.  Today's matchups offer a chance for some unexpected teams to bring huge rewards.  Only Rachel and Bill had the foresight to pick Algeria and only four BISERGSers selected Nigeria.  Success for either of the African teams today and in the later stages of the World Cup will dramatically affect the outcome of this years BISERGS, moving their owners way up the leader board.  Even the French were largely ignored until the third round of the BISERGS draft, but yielded the second highest point total in the group stages and is a major reason for Greg, Carol and Irma/Byron's strong positions.  Of the four teams in action, Germany was picked highest and is expected to go deep into the tournament if not win the whole thing.  Germany is Evan and Brian G's final team and if there is an upset today, their BISERGS will be over.  Similarly, Andrew has put all of his remaining BISERGS hopes on France.  So far in the knockout stages, the group winners have one every match, but Nigeria and Algeria are real threats to buck that trend.  It should be another exciting World Cup and BISERGS day.  

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  1. I was cheering for Algeria. They did well, considering the strong opposition. I was glad Algeria made that goal at the last.