Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two World Cup Favorites in Action

Argentina and Germany both won their first matches and are considered favorites to lift the World Cup on July 13th.  They hope to continue their runs to the final as they take on Iran and Ghana today.  Nigeria and Bosnia & Herzegovina meet in the last match of the day.  Rodrigo is already in first place and the expected result from the Germany match would put him firmly in control.  He has benefited more than anyone from this summers surprise results and Ghana's three owners will hope that their team can dish out a bit of payback tonight by surprising the heavily favored Germans.  Nigeria and Ghana need positive results or this could become another disappointing World Cup for the African continent.  Lionel Messi scored in Argentina's first game and since no BISERGSers have Iran, everyone should hope that he lights up the World's biggest sporting stage tonight.  Team USA fans should pay attention to the Ghana / Germany match as Ghana is the team that America beat in the first round and Germany is the team that the US faces in round three.

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  1. I know it makes the Africans feel good to win since historically they don't do well in the World cup, but Nigeria didn't win fairly. Univision showed in the frozen replay the a Bosnia player was NOT offside, and his goal should have counted, making the match a tie.