Saturday, June 21, 2014

Los Ticos Continue to Stun the World

Brian Ruiz celebrates his decisive goal.
Costa Rica followed up their amazing first round victory over Uruguay by an even more impressive victory over Italy in a match that they fully deserved to win.  They should have been awarded a penalty kick a minute before the goal and many other questionable calls went against them, but rather than putting their heads down, they marched into the second round.  The result sends England home and guarantees that either Uruguay or Italy won't make it out of the group either.  The second match of the day saw France strike for 5 goals against Switzerland and all but secure their place in the second round.  Ecuador overcame a one goal deficit agains Honduras to win 2-1.  

The big winners on the day for the BISERGS were Emmett and Rodrigo who both share Costa Rica and Ecuador.  They each scored 7.5 points for the day.  That tally put Rodrigo over 5 points clear at the top of the table and his number one pick, Germany hasn't even played in the second round yet.  France owners all picked up 5 points for the dominate performance.  

Currently four teams have booked their place in the round of 16 and three have been eliminated.  Rodrigo may be in first place, but Matt Snyder leads the all important race of getting teams into the next round with an amazing three teams qualified.  Rodrigo has two already advancing.  Renee and Rick should also be feeling confident with two teams into the next round, although Renee has one team on their way home.  Carol Barrera will have a hard time defending her BISERGS crown as she and Andrew are the only two BISERGSers to have already lost two teams.  If you want to know which teams have secured their place in the second round and which teams have been eliminated, check the BISERGS teams and groups page.  Teams are color coded Green, Red or Blue to indicate their current status in the tournament.


  1. Today will most likely be filled with points as well. Argentina and Germany, both facing weaker teams. However, I have faith in my roster, Ghana could possibly maybe just barely pull a draw...

  2. You were right Josh, except Ghana didn't jus barely pull a draw, they went for it and deserved to win.