Friday, June 20, 2014

Control of Groups D and E up for Grabs

 Italy and Costa Rica both won their first matches in group D and Switzerland and France were victorious in Group E.  Today the leaders of both groups square off for control of the group and potentially even securing a spot in the round of 16.  Honduras and Ecuador face off in a battle for World Cup survival in the final game.  A win for Costa Rica over Italy or a tie would mean England is eliminated.

1 comment:

  1. Switzerland-France. What was up with the French guy in the middle of the 3-man wall, lifting his leg up to allow the Swiss ball to pass through the hole. It looked like he did it on purpose. Was he feeling sorry for the Swiss because the score at that point was 5-0?

    And poor Benzema, what would have been the sixth goal for his team went in just as the whistle blew and wasn't counted.