Friday, June 6, 2014

New Teams and Groups Page

I've added a new page to the blog called teams and groups.  This page makes it easier to see who else has the teams that you selected, so you can see which BISERGSer you will be cheering with when your team takes the field.  It also clearly displays which teams are playing in each World Cup group.  Every World Cup team will play the other three teams in their group once and based on these matches, the top two teams advance to the next round and the bottom two go home.  This page also shows who you will be cheering against and which family member you may have to sit on opposite ends of the couch from for at least 90 minutes this summer.  You may also find that you have two teams that are playing against each other.  The first time this will happen is on June 13th when Carol Barrera can't lose as Spain take on the Netherlands both of which she owns.  

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