Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Draft Results: What do you think?

If you got Ghana in the draft, you may want to dress like these guys on match day.
The draft is now complete and everyone's BISERGS teams have been determined.  To check which teams you got, go to the team selection page.  In just 10 days, the World Cup will kick off in Brazil and we all have at least four teams to be cheering for.  Are you happy with the teams you've  got?  Do you think your teams are strong enough to win the BISERGS this year?  Which other BISERGSer do you think has the best shot at winning right now.  Please use the comments box below to let everyone know what you think. The more comment you make on these pages, the more fun this event will be.  On the team selection page, Carol Barrera made many comments with her observations about the draft as it was going.  Thanks for setting the tone for another great BISERGS Carol.

Every World Cup there are a few unexpected teams that do well and a few favorites that don't reach expectations.  So, no matter what your feelings are about the BISERGS at the moment, it is the results on the field that will determine everything.  Which team do you think will be the biggest surprise this summer?  Is there a favorite you expect to collapse under the pressure?

Here are a few more quick draft facts.  Iran is the only team to not be selected by anyone and 24 teams were selected by the maximum 5 participants.  Dan Rutz can't complain about his teams.  Remarkably, he got the first four teams on his draft list.  Rick Samuelson and Emilie Samuelson had to dip down to their 20th choice when it was their turn to pick in the fourth round.  If you want to have a look at the draft orders for everyone playing the BISERGS, you can see the original submissions here.

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  1. A big thanks to Greg and his helpers Emilie and Annika for their arduous work on the draw and the picks. (Carol B.)