Sunday, June 15, 2014

Surprises and Celebrations - Day Three Report

Colombia celebrates their first goal in style.
Rick, Allie and Ivan all scored at least 8 points on day three to make their presence felt on the leader board, but it is still Sharleen who holds the top spot thanks to Italy’s victory.  That makes three wins out of three for Sharleen, the three time champion.  Matt Snyder continued his impressive start by picking up 4 and a half points through Colombia’s win.  He now sits in second place with his nephew Ivan behind him by the smallest of margins.  Rodrigo has the highest points per game tally after benefiting from the shocking Costa Rica victory over Uruguay.  Matt Snyder and Renee have completed their first rounds with four games in the books, while Renee’s father Doug has yet to get his BISERGS underway.  Rick should be feeling especially optimistic as he sits in fifth place and his 1st and 2nd picks haven't even played yet.

Colombia and Costa Rica brought more joy to the summer festivities yesterday than any teams yet.  The Colombians did what they were expected to do by dispatching the Greeks, but it was their goal celebrations that sent supporters into World Cup bliss.  The Costa Ricans had a wonderful comeback victory to surprise Uruguay and seemed to be having the time of their lives out there.  After giving up an early penalty, the Ticos struck for three unanswered goals that sparked some wonderful celebrations of their own.  Italy’s Mario Balotelli, who could rival Neymar and Messi as the tournament's superstar, put a dagger through England’s hopes when his header put Italy ahead 2-1 early in the second half.  England were unable to answer and will now face a desperate Uruguay in there next match. A second loss for either side will almost certainly end their World Cup dreams.  In the day’s final game, Japan jumped out to an early lead but were unable to hold off the Ivory Coast who came back to win 2-1.  Didier Drogba started the game on the bench, but his side scored two goals immediately after he entered the match.

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