Thursday, June 19, 2014

England and Uruguay Must Win

There are another three second round matches today that have huge implications for all the teams involved.  Colombia and Ivory Coast both won their first matches.  If either one of them gets a victory toady, they will all but guarantee a spot in the next round.   Uruguay and England both lost their first game and are desperate for a victory to avoid elimination.  Japan and Greece are in the exact same situation.  A defeat for Uruguay would be devastating for Derek who already saw his first pick Spain eliminated last night.  Of course nobody wants to see a team eliminated, but Andrew (England), James (Uruguay) and Hudson (Japan) would be especially hard hit if their first round choices are knocked out. 


  1. I did not take well my second team being eliminated. (And I did not take well Rodrigo cheering for the other side against me when it wasn't even his team.) But England put up a good fight in both of the games that it lost. I was not ashamed of them. Today they made 8 shots on goal--unfortunately, the goalie caught all of them in his hands. Were it not for the chance of England being one of my picks (#13 on my list), I would have been cheering Uruguay. My consolation was that the South American team gave me grandson and one of my granddaughters some needed points.

  2. I have never been a fan of Wayne Rooney, but I was happy for him today when he made his first ever World Cup goal.