Monday, June 23, 2014

Brazil, Croatia and Mexico Battle for Two Spots

The third round starts today and for the next four days there will be four matches a day.  Each group will have both matches running simultaneously starting with Group A and B today.  Group B is the only World Cup group that already has already settled who is advancing and who is going home.  There is still plenty to play for between Chile and the Netherlands as the loser will most likely have to face hosts and tournament favorites Brazil in the next round.  Spain and Australia will be playing for pride.  Australia has played two fantastic matches so far and have nothing to show for it while Spain have endured the most humiliating World Cup ever for a defending champion.  Australia hopes to add insult to injury today.  There is a lot at stake for the BISERGS in the first two matches.  Rodrigo hopes that the Netherlands can continue to pad his lead, but Matt S. and Sharleen are both within striking distance and could do a lot to close the gap with a Chile victory.

In the second batch of games, Group A will compete for both spots in the round of 16.  Cameroon has been eliminated and Brazil is expected to get back to their winning ways and take the top spot in the group.  Croatia and Mexico appear to be playing for second place, but if Brazil slip up badly to Cameroon, both could advance.  Mexico would advance in the case of a draw, so Croatia will be in all out attack mode as they need all three points.  The owners of Brazil, Mexico and Croatia all need their teams to be successful today in order to position themselves for the later rounds of the BISERGS.


  1. The NETH and SPAIN listened to me today. I kept telling them to play harder, because even though the NETH had already passed to the next level and only needed to tie to be #1 in their group, I needed the points of a win and goals. And though SPAIN was already eliminated, I needed the points of a win and goals.

  2. Mexico--minute 60-something. Two clear penalties (mano and one against el Chicharo) in Mexico's favor in one single play, and the referee doesn't allow either of them. I have felt the referees have really favored Croatia the whole game.

  3. I got so excited and tense in the MEX / CRO game, that I forgot neither team was mine while I was cheering and jumping up and down over every Mexican goal. And at last Chicharo made a goal with the national team after a long absence of goals.