Friday, June 20, 2014

England on the Brink

Joe Hart couldn't keep Suarez from scoring in Uruguay's victory
Uruguay and England played a very entertaining do or die match yesterday which saw Luis Suarez back in action after he missed his team's opening match.  His return had a huge impact as he scored both goals that sunk England.  That result gave some life to all the Uruguay owners in the BISERGS, but were a second consecutive setback to Carol Barrera's BISERGS title defence hopes.  She lost Spain two days ago and could see England eliminated as soon as today if Italy don't beat Costa Rica.  A few days ago, Italy were the enemy, now they are England's only hope.

In yesterday's early match, Colombia beat Ivory Coast 2-1 to make Matt Snyder the second BISERGSer to pass the 20 point mark and put him back in first place.  It is the first time Colombia has ever won two games in a row in the World Cup and they became the third team to secure a spot in the second round with the victory (the Netherlands and Chile have also qualified).  It took over an hour for the first goal to be scored and Colombia doubled their lead a few minutes later, but the Ivory Coast responded with an even faster goal that set up a nervous finish for the South Americans.

In the day's final match, a red card to the Greek captain in the first half gave Japan a huge advantage, but they were disappointed and unable to score in a game that ended 0 - 0.  That result didn't do much to help Greece or Japan's hopes of advancing, but both cling to the slimmest of hopes with one point each after two games.

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