Saturday, June 14, 2014

Four Matches Ahead on Day Three

Day three of the World Cup serves up a four match feast.  European rivals England and Italy have the highest profile matchup of the day. Sharleen is already in first place and she hopes to see her top pick Italy push her further into the BISERGS lead.  She pretended that she didn't care much about the BISERGS for the last month, but this morning the first words I heard when I opened my eyes were, "I'm going to win it again this year."  (Please post your responses to Sharleen's declaration below)  South American sides Colombia and Uruguay are desperate to crash Brazil's party and both of their first steps towards World Cup glory begin today.  They are both favorites to pickup three points for their owners today.  Both are without their best players for this match.  Colombia's Radamel Falcao will miss the entire tournament and Uruguay's Luis Suarez will not play in the opening match, but hopes to be fit for the rest of the World Cup.  Colombia faces Greece and Uruguay take on Costa Rica in the first two matches of the day.  Many feel that the Ivory Coast has the best chance of any African team this summer, but Japan plays with a quick, intricate style that could give Les Éléphants powerful players a lot of trouble in the final match of day three.  

Ten BISERGSers will have their first action of the tournament today and Emilie Samuelson could find herself on the leaderboard after three of her teams line up.  To succeed in the BISERGS, getting maximum points from the first round picks is essential.  With this in mind, Hudson (Japan), Allie (Ivory Coast), Emilie, Sharleen (Italy), Andrew (England) and James (Uruguay) will all be feeling the pressure today.  As the results come in, we are sure to see many new twists and turns in the BISERGS rankings.


  1. I didn't remember that Rooney had that much hair before. He didn't. My suspicions of a hair transplant were confirmed.

  2. Getting familiarized with my England team. Impressed with some of them, especially Sterling and Sturridge. England and Italy gave us a very enjoyable first half with world class playing. England got sloppy in the second half with a lot of wild shots.

  3. Fashion police. What's with the one pink, one turquoise shoes of an Italian player? Maybe that helps him remember which foot is which.