Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Spanish fans, the defending World Cup Champions
Are you ready for some football?  Actually, are you ready for a lot of football?  I hope so, because we are about to be treated to a month full of  football in huge doses.  Over next month there will be at least three matches to watch almost every day and if you signed up for the BISERGS, you'll be watching with greater interest than ever before.  If you aren't really ready for it (or you are thinking that football season doesn't start for another two monts), these articles from Slate can help you fake it a little bit.  If you happen to win the BISERGS, you can pretend you knew what you were talking about all along.
How to Fake Your Way Through the Tournament Like a Champ
What Every World Cup Watcher Should Know: The Offsides Rule, “Parking the Bus,” and More

Just a few more hours until kickoff.  I know I'm excited!

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