Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rodrigo Collects His Prize

Rodrigo receives the BISERGS prize, a Neymar  jersey
from the Brazil World Cup squad, by his granddaughters.
In a gala event held in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Rodrigo Barrera received the prize for his amazing run to the BISERGS championship. Rodrigo was joined at the ceremony by former winners Carol and Sharleen as the BISERGS will remain firmly in the hands of the Barrera side of the family for four more years. The dominance by the Barrera's is no coincidence as they are among the biggest soccer fans in the family. It is also interesting to note that the BISERGS has never been won by somebody living in the USA even though only a small fraction of participation live abroad.
Rodrigo is congratulated by Greg as he wears
the BISERGS prize.

Congratulations to all of you and thanks again for making the BISERGS a great success this time.  I hope you keep your soccer interest up over the next four years before the next BISERGS will in 2018 when the World Cup is held in Russia.