Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brazil Wins the Opener

Oscar celebrates a late goal in the opening match.
Brazil started off the World Cup with a 3 - 1 victory over Croatia.  Their victory didn't convince everyone, but they passed the first huge pressure test under the weight of huge expectations.  Neymar's two goals and Oscar's late finish lifted Brazil past Croatia who took an early lead when Marcelo scored an own goal early in the match.  The game wasn't without controversy (see Carol's comments on the previous post) as the decisive second Brazil goal came through a controversial penalty in addition to other questionable decisions.  The five BISERGSers who had Brazil, myself included, may not see it that way however as they are now on top of the leaderboard.

In the BISERGS, this means that Brazil's owners pick up 3 points for their teams victory and 1/2 a point for each goal, while losing 1/4 point for the goal allowed.  Do that math and that is a yield of 4.25 points.  Croatia owners get zero points for the loss, 1/2 a point for the goal scored, but lost 3/4 points because of the three goals allowed.  After the first day, the five Croatia owners drop to the bottom of the table with negative 1/4 point.

Through out the event current scores and rankings will be displayed on the scores page.  On match day two, there are three matches and many more BISERGS points up for grabs.


  1. I just got to see the important parts of the match. I agree with Carol, that wan't a penalty. Also, the goalie could have stopped all three of the goals, but wasn't able to keep any out. Brazil owners should be happy to have 4.25 points from that match, because they deserved a lot less.

  2. And that is coming from someone who has a high stake in Brazil winning! (We want to win, but we want it to be fair, and not due to bad refs or voodoo.)

  3. Australia put up a good fight, making it much tougher for Chile than expected. Australia has some good players!