Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Field Continues to Narrow

Today's matchups are between the four teams competing for the next semifinal birth.  The high scoring Netherlands are the favorites to advance of the four, but they have to start against the surprising Mexicans.  Mexico has impressed and improved in every outing and could be peaking at just the right time.  Costa Rica and Greece play in the second game.  Nobody gave Costa Rica a chance to advance out of their group which featured Italy, England and Uruguay.  They not only advanced, but they dominated the favorites and won the group.  That is why they get to play Greece who may have pushed their luck to the limit to get this far, but they have been the shock winners in major tournaments before.

For the BISERGS, Rodrigo is near to the prize, but I doubt if he will be able to support the Dutch team he has for the BISERGS over Mexico.  Sharleen has already said she will put blood ahead of BISERGS as she cheers for this one.  Will Carol B be able to cheer for the Netherlands against her beloved's Mexico?  Costa Rica's owners couldn't have expected such a great showing or so many points from their team, but they seem poised to deliver even more.  And even though Greece has advanced to the round of 16, it hasn't produced many points for its owners so far.  They'll hope that the Greeks can deliver three points today.  Once again, a wonderful goal or a surprise result could be in store today to turn the BISERGS on its head, so don't miss the action if you can.

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  1. Imagine a country that nicknames their beloved soccer coach "The Louse". That is the case with Mexico, whose coach is "El Piojo". But he really is called that affectionately.