Sunday, June 15, 2014

Festival of Favorite Links for Father's Day {Guest Post by Sharleen}

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

7626508470_5570849e75.jpg (500×500)In honor of Father’s Day I’m posting a festival of favorite World Cup links that we have been enjoying. Please add your own links to your favorite articles and videos in the comments! These links are good for the “real” experts (I'm looking at you Mom) and the rest of us who are really just pretending. There are several videos which the kids should also enjoy.

First, watch this informative little video that claims to tell you everything you need to know about the 2014 World Cup. What surprised us was there was even some trivia Greg didn’t know.

Slate has also done a nice bio on each of the countries competing that gives the history, politics, and players with a prediction on how they will perform at the World Cup. Read this one about El Tri  and then look for the write up on your teams. Spoiler alert: nobody could have predicted Costa Rica’s amazing performance last night.

For more on the history and psychology of the World Cup in Argentina these two articles are fascinating reading. Please be warned that the ESPN article is very hard, graphic reading, but a reminder that the World Cup isn’t always just fun and games. This one is NOT for kids. The second article explains how Messi came to be a stranger in his homeland.

You will see from this post that I wasn’t the only one ranking the teams by their uniforms.  Do you agree with the winner?

We must have watched ten different Andres Cantor videos with the kids last night and we just couldn’t get enough. Watch this and this and we bet you can't stop either. 

We’ve also looked at the best goals of all time. This might be our favorite.  It also helps explain this Brazilian campaign to get Zlatan Ibrahimovic to come to the World Cup even though Sweden didn’t qualify. If you have a favorite goal link to it in the comments and the Samuelson girls will be forever thankful that they have a reason to put off bedtime a little longer.

Greg already posted on the World Cup songs for this year, but how about World Cup songs in history and around the world?

We couldn’t resist this happy World Cup song from Chile in the ‘60s. 

Greg may or may not have made some sarcastic comments about this one.

This is a real departure from the usual happy, victorious songs that dominate World Cup listening.

This one just has to be shared for its sheer random quirkiness.

This song from Brazil for this year’s World Cup might just break your heart and make you watch the game a bit differently.

Finally, last but not least please, please watch this beautiful little video about a magical soccer ball and shout out all the places you recognize. For those of you who have been to Morocco, it features several times and makes me incredibly homesick.

Hope you have a great Father's Day.


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  1. What fun! Thanks for all your great investigative skills to put it all together. BOUNCE was my favorite--altho I wanted to see more than a second of those places--needed a pause button. My friend in Sao Paulo wrote me confirming the sentiments of the song about why Brazilians aren't so thrilled this year. I hadn't known about the sad history of the Argentine "victory". Lots of interesting trivia and beautiful goals. I have some favorites in my mind, but don't know how to find them like you do. Thanks for this dose of both reality, phantasy and alegría!