Saturday, May 31, 2014

BISERGS Draft - First Round Report

Brazil, the host nation and the oddsmakers favorite to win the World Cup, was the first team selected in the 2014 BISERGS draft.  Matt Snyder had no doubt about his choice and used the number one overall pick to take el Seleção.  With the second pick in the draft, Rick Samuelson moved across the Atlantic and chose Christiano Ronaldo's Portugal team.  Derek Samuelson went with the defending world champions and current world number one Spain with the third pick overall.  Evan Samuelson used the next pick to take Germany, which is ranked second in the world.

To accommodate 35 participants in this years BISERSG, each World Cup team can be picked by up to five different players.  Ivan Glenney was thrilled to see Brazil still available when his 15th pick came around.  When he became the fifth BISERGSer to claim the hosts, Brazil was removed from the draft board.  Spain is the only other team that won't be available in the second round.  Josh Rutz became the fifth player to pick the defending champs with pick number 25.

Argentina and Germany were both taken four times in the first round and aren't likely to last long in the next phase of the draft.  The only other teams to be taken more than once in the first round were Italy, Switzerland and Portugal.  All three were selected twice.  In all, 18 different teams were selected in the first round.

Krista Rutz must have felt unlucky that her top two teams Brazil and Spain were unavailable when it was finally her turn to pick in the 31st position.  She was the only player to not get her first or second choice today, but she still managed to get the highly regarded Germans.  She also gets the fifth pick in the second round and may well have the last laugh come July.

The draft will continue tomorrow night Abu Dhabi time.  To check which team you got in the first round, go to the team selection page.

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