Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Page - Team Selection Check

You may have noticed that there have been a few changes to the website recently as the World Cup kickoff draws nearer.  There is a new page where BISERGS scores will be updated daily.  For the rest of this week, this page serves a double purpose of reporting who has made their team selections.  If your name is highlighted in green, that means you have selected your teams.  If your name is in a white box, you haven't sent in your teams yet and need to before Friday night.  I haven't heard of any problems with the form, but please check and make sure that your team selection has been sent in.  If someone that you live with or live near hasn't sent in their selections yet, please remind them that time is running out.  I'm sure that the reason for some of your slow responses is a desire to watch as many warm-up matches as possible and monitor the injury status of all the players up until the last possible minute.  Wow, I'm glad you guys are taking this so seriously.

The other changes to the website are the leaderboard that will also be updated daily throughout the tournament, the label cloud (scroll down on the right side) that will help you to locate the BISERGS posts and a space that collates all of the comments that are made on the website.  


  1. Greg, I trust you will take your own advice and remind someone you live with (your wife) to make her selections.

    1. Sharleen has her own secret computations that take days to complete. She writes about team uniforms and things like that, but she's actually studying the teams training reports, travel schedules, coaches histories against one another and about 35 other top secret factors. Of course, that is why she has won the BISERGS so many times. I expect her picks to be submitted at the last possible moment for dramatic effect.

  2. Okay, okay, just got my picks in under the line. I just had to make sure I eliminated Brazil, Germany, England and Russia, then sort the others. So more stubborn than strategic, I'm afraid. My girls think I'm crazy.