Thursday, May 22, 2014

BISERGS World Rankings

In the latest update to the BISERGS World Rankings, the reigning BISERGS Champion, Carol Barrera, has overtaken three-time winner Sharleen Samuelson to claim the number one position. Dan Rutz is the current world number 3 after being narrowly defeated by Carol in the closest ever BISERGS back in 2010. Gray Samuelson is in the number 4 spot due to his consistently strong performances in the last two competitions, while Krista Rutz rounds out the top 5. The BISERGS (Biggest International Soccer Expert Related to Greg Samuelson) World Rankings are calculated to take every BISERGS ever played into account, but are weighted to place greater value on the most recent competitions. If you’ve played the BISERGS before, have a look at where you are ranked.

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