Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Minute Heroics

Less than 24 hours remain for all BISERGS participants to get their team preferences in.  A steady stream of picks have been getting registered over the past week, but 17 players have waited until the last minute to pick their teams.  Waiting until the last minute isn't always a bad thing as the US team showed us in South Africa in 2010.  They were just minutes away from exiting the World Cup prematurely when this happened.

If you are looking at this on a phone or iPad, the video may not appear, so you can follow this link instead.

Defending champion Carol Barrera and three time winner Sharleen Samuelson have selected their teams, but current BISERGS world number 3, Dan Rutz, and number 4, Gray Samuelson, are still contemplating their strategies for this huge event.  Matt Snyder who was the lucky winner of the first pick after the draft order draw has also delayed submitting his teams.  He is certainly feeling the huge pressure of choosing the first team.   BISERGS newcomer Renee Samuelson was the first to submit her teams back on May 16th and has been patiently waiting for the draft tomorrow.

Tomorrow at midnight pacific time, the team selection form will be shut down, and the draft will begin.  You can watch the draft board get filled in on the Team Selection page.

Good luck everyone.

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  1. It doesn't get any more exciting than this. In the last 15 minutes three BISERGSers entered their final picks including number one draft pick holder Matt Snyder at 11:59. Oh the drama. Well done Matt. Matt Rutz and Dan Rutz were the other two that waited until the end.