Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's Next?

Now that you know what place you get to pick in the draft, it is time to decide which teams you want.  Everyone chooses their BISERGS teams for different reasons.  Some pick based on their favorite foods, dream holiday destinations or the coolest looking flags.  Some are wine people (Italy, France and Chile are good choices), others prefer beer (Belgium and Germany are top seeds in this world cup) .  Others pick based on actual soccer related criteria (these people tend to do the best in the BISERGS).  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll post some information about all of the teams playing in the World Cup that may help you make up your mind.  I’ll also email you a document that you can print out to help you sort through the teams and put them in your preferred order.   This is especially helpful for helping kids put their picks in order.  As explained on the rules page, your teams’ performances in the World Cup determine your BISERGS success.  

Once you have decided the order you want to select your teams in, go over to the team selection and complete the form.  This needs to be completed by May 30th.  If you complete the list and then change your mind, you can always fill in the form again any time before May 30th.  The last form that you submit will be the one used in the draft.  To make things fair, I’ve already completed my form, so I won’t be influenced by being able to see the selections as they come in.  If you do not send in a preferred draft order by May 30th, your teams will be selected randomly from the teams available in the draft.

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