Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another BISERGS Fashion Update

Here is another guest post, this time by the reigning champion Carol Barrera.  Thanks for your contribution Carol.  To the rest of you, please send me anything you'd like posted

Ladies: this is our chance to shine by discerning posts showing our fashion sense.

Sharleen’s description of our watching the 1994 World Cup together while she recuperated from a tonsilectomy is bitter sweet—because it was the last time she lived at home with us.  I treasure the memory, while lamenting her suffering from the sore throat and the disappointment of that last failed shot by her hero.  After running through all the webs sites showing the uniforms, my favorites are in this order:
1)      Russia (away) astronaut theme.
Carol's favorite - the Russian away astronaut theme
2)      Mexico (home), sharp lightning design
3)      Costa Rica (asymmetrical v design and clever neck pattern)
4)      Germany (home): wing shaped design on front
5)      USA (away): something about that red, white and blue
6)      Nigeria (simple, clean lines with pleasing shades of green)
7)      Argentina classic white and sky blue horizontal stripes (or is it just nostalgia over my Messi shirt bought by Greg for me in a Moroccan market.)

Some uniforms have nice details up close, but these touches are not visible from afar.  Cases in point: Ghana (neck pattern on home, horizontal strips with designs on away), Belgium’s crown motif and Iran’s water mark cheetah. But for someone like me who is visually challenged and watching games on an old, small TV, I like a uniform that sticks out so that I can identify it easily.  Of course, on that basis alone, I would have chosen the Netherlands survival orange, Croatia’s home red and white checks or Japan’s away Electric Yellow (to me, chartreuse) with orange paint swipe on back.

Strangest: Iran’s socks, which have small white and red bands, but from a distance just look pink.

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