Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thanks and What Still Remains

Thanks to everyone for making the BISERGS a fun event and hopefully increasing your enjoyment of the World Cup.  I would like to echo Carol's special thanks to everyone who commented on the game on this website and via twitter and facebook. The real thanks go to Carol Barrera for her many posts about the soccer games and everyones progress through the BISERS.  She may not have won the BISERGS this time (although she claims to have picked Rodrigo's teams for him) but she was without a doubt the most enthusiastic participant.   Many of you said that you wanted to write to this site but had trouble signing on to blogger/google.  I'm sorry about that since it would have added a lot to the game to get some banter going. I'll try to find a better place to host the BISERGS in 2018 and I'm sure many new ways for us to communicate will have been invented by then.

Brian Markwood deserves a special shoutout for winning the first ever cousin of Greg Samuelson category.  Hopefully in 2018 there will be many more cousins and kids of cousins playing the game.

A close approximation of the BISERGS awards
ceremony that will take place in Cheyenne in early August.
Pele, Ronaldo and Sepp Blatter have not confirmed that they
will be in attendance yet.
Now all that remains of the 2014 BISERS is to give Rodrigo his prize, a Neymar Brazil Jersey.  We'll be traveling to Cheyenne in a couple of weeks and I will present it to him in a very formal awards ceremony.  Pictures of the gala event will be posted to this website.

The fact that the top 5 finishers all had Germany has produced calls for a change in the BISERGS scoring system for 2018.  Germany alone produced more points than all but the top 12 BISERGSers scored (7 discounting those who had Germany in the first place).  Any suggestions for a revised score system would be greatly appreciated and your feedback on this years format versus the group stage and final stage format of 2010 would also be appreciated.

The BISERGS World Rankings will be updated soon and posted to this site, so keep checking back until then.


  1. Thanks for putting this on greg! I never commented but enjoyed reading everyone else's!

  2. Such a fun experience! Thank you Greg!!!

  3. I don't just "claim" to have picked them--I did. I had made my initial picks early on, but since you gave us the option of revising our lists, I had done that. Then when the deadline for picks was getting close and Rodrigo still hadn't found time to pick his, I just took my revised picks and send that in for him, remaining with my original picks.

  4. On scoring, maybe the same scoring as for groups could continue on to the end. The ones whose teams survive the Group Stage and the octavos de final, already get more points than those who teams are eliminated, so they really don't need double or triple points for getting to quarter, semifinals, finals. (The winning team of the World Cup isn't an absolute guaranty of winning BISERGS, however. If my memory serves me, you (Greg) would have won last time even though the Netherlands came in second, had you not removed yourself from the winning.)