Monday, July 14, 2014

Rodrigo Continues Barrera Dominance

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer lifts the World Cup as Germany
celebrates their victory in Brazil.
Germany wrapped up an incredible run in Brazil to claim the World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Argentina.  That result ensured that the BISERGS would stay in the Barrera side of the family as Rodrigo claimed the BISERGS for the first time, following his wife Carol, who one in 2010, and daughter Sharleen who won the first three editions of the BISERGS.  Just as Germany became the first European team to ever win a World Cup hosted in the Americas, Rodrigo was the first male BISERGS champion after four rounds of female domination in the quadrennial family event.  Rodrigo's impressive total of 88.25 points was the result of 42 points scored by the Germans for their owners, but he also picked the 3rd place Netherlands who accrued the second most BISERGS points of all the World Cup teams and Costa Rica which was the surprise team of the tournament.  It was a well deserved masterclass in BISERGS domination in which Rodrigo never dropped out of the top 5 and was in the number one position for most of the competition.

The Netherlands victory in the third place game and Argentina's loss allowed Gray to move past Krista in the final two days and claim second place overall, 9.5 points off of Rodrigo's blistering pace.  Four years ago Krista narrowly beat Gray for the Nephew/Niece title, so it was sweet revenge for Gray this time around.  Brian G. and Evan rounded out the top 5.  Brian was the best rookie of the BISERGS with his 4th place finish.  It was an impressive run for the Oregon Samuelsons which placed Rachel in 9th to join Gray and Evan in the top 10.  The Barreras showed their quality with Carol finishing 8th and Sharleen ending up in 10th.  Carol's finish was especially impressive given the disappointment of her first pick Spain.  Doug and Greg finished 6th and 7th with Greg being the only Brazil owner to survive the World Cup hosts' awful collapse and remain in the top 10.

Ivan was the top finisher in the 12-years and under category finishing 12th overall. Max finished 2 spots behind him as the second youngster while Annika rounded out the top three of the kids category and finished 18th overall.

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  1. Greg deserves a trophy for starting this contest and keeping it going in a fun, visual way. I also want to thank all who commented on the website--that is half of the fun. Krista, I was doing the math before the final, and came up with the same stats you did. Finally, I am glad, Greg, that you highlighted winners in different categories.