Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do You Believe?

This is the big day for Team USA.  They get Jozy Alidore back from injury and are playing Belgium who will be missing their best and perhaps the world's best central defender, Vincent Kompany.  Belgium are still the overwhelming favorites to win this match with tons of star power.  By salary, the Belgium squad makes more money playing soccer for their clubs than any other country except Brazil.  That is just the type of underdog story that Americans crave as they look for an upset.  The favorites have won every match in the round of 16, but that is bound to end, isn't it?  In the opening match of the day, Lionel Messi looks to further cement his claim to be the best player ever as he leads Argentina against Switzerland.  Then the US and Belgium take the field at the exact moment we will be checking into the airport and clearing security.  Hopefully there will be plenty of TVs showing the match so I can catch at least one or two of the many goals America will be scoring.  Cue the crowd chanting: I believe that we will win!

In the BISERS, it is a big day for Doug who has all three of his remaining teams in action.  His strong 8th position could improve dramatically with the right (wrong in the case of the Belgium/USA game) results.  Rachel, Brian M. and Cookie have two teams a piece while Greg, Rick and Grey have big matches as they try to position themselves to make a run at Rodrigo in the next round.

BISERGS headquarters will be moving 12 timezones for the duration of the World Cup, starting today.  That means the scores won't be updated on this site for a while, so it is up to you to dust of your abacus and calculate the scores while you wait for more BISERGS news on this site.  Remember to use the comments section on this page and #BISERGS on twitter to keep the discussion going over the next two days.


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