Thursday, May 22, 2014

Registration is up and running

Registration opened for the 2014 BISERGS a few days ago and eight eager family members have signed up to play. None of them are more eager than my niece, Krista Rutz (USA), who had already found the sight and signed up a week before I let anyone know the address.  Well done to Krista who is obviously ready to get started after finishing third in 2010 and was the highest ranked nephew or niece in the competition. So far, there hasn't been an overwhelming crowd, but it is pretty cool that those eight participants live in three different countries.  Also registered are defending champion Carol Barrera (Guatemala), my nephew Gray Samuelson, who finished fifth last time around, and Gray’s sister Katelynn who will be playing the BISERGS for the first time this summer. Three-time winner Sharleen Samuelson, and my two daughters, Emilie and Annika (UAE) are also registered to play.  If you haven't signed up yet, you can do it here.  For more information about the game, follow this link.

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